Case Studies

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case_studiesShangri-La Hotel Pool & Spa, Sydney Australian designed MultiCyclone filtration system the preferred choice for five-starhotel WATERCO CASE STUDY • Shangri-La Hotel Pool & Spa, Sydney We have never seen the pool water clarity look so good. Shangri-La Sydney chief engineer, Russell Allom “ ” Challenges Shangri-La Hotel Sydney’s 15-metrelap pool was not meeting hotelengineer’ sexpectations due to an ageing filtration system installed in 1992. As a result, pool water clarity was substandard and the filters required frequent backwashing due to an ever-increasing swimming load. The swimming pool has a volume of 90,000 litres with a surface area of 75m2 and an average depth of 1.2m. Hotel management needed to improvethe pool water turn over rate to at least every two hours. To achieve this, a flow rate of 45m3/hr or 750lpm was required. In addition, the pool’s plant room door only measured 800mm wide, thus limiting the options for a larger sized commercial filter. The existing filtration plant consisted of two 750mm diameter sand filters plumbed with 40mm pipe to two, two horse power pumps. Solution To achieve a turn over rate of two hours, Russell Fagan and Brad Weir from Steel Pty Ltd sized up four Micron SD750 fibreglass wound filters, with two high head Hydrostorm plus 200 pumps, and two MultiCyclone centrifugal pre-filters. Each Hydrostorm plus 200 pump was plumbed to one MultiCyclone filter and the flow was split between two Micron SD750 filters. The Micron deep bed filters were chosen over standard Micron filters. The deep bed filters have a filter media bed depth of 500mm, providing enhanced indepth filtration and increased dirt capacity. The effect of deep filter media bed improves the filtration efficiency over standard high-rate filters. The filter’s 500mm filter media bed also ensures that finer dirt particles and colloidal substances are retained to a far greater level than standard bed depth filters. Additionally, the greater bed depth permits the efficient use of a mixed filter media bed.